Project Imagery

“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.”  –  Elliott Erwitt

At Mining Photography, we can coordinate photographic documentation of your site using a combination of time-lapse rigs and/or regularly deployed, site inducted photographers to deliver value to your project and your company’s marketing library.

Rio Tinto - Coastal Water Project - Water Sampling

Regular project imagery can provide:

  • Up to date marketing material for future tenders, corporate flyers and training.

  • A visual assurance to your projects stakeholders of the project’s current schedule.

  • A heightened awareness of safe work practices when a workforce is conscious of the photographer’s presence on site.

  • Supportive evidence for insurances companies on the methods of construction, potentially lowering premiums.

  • A history of the construction process. This being a pictorial assistant for future maintenance and/or design changes to the infrastructure.


Rio Tinto - Coastal Water Project - Work Site



Our photographers are familiar with work permits,
risk assessments, pre-start meetings, PPE,
radio protocol, tagging and lock out procedures.

We have the industry experience.




An example of our recent project work can be seen here with Rio Tinto’s Coastal Water Project.

About Mining Photography

Our core staff have been involved in mining and minerals processing for 20+ years and are familiar with the expectations of working in potentially dangerous and sensitive environments when undertaking assignments in the mining & resource sector. We pride ourselves on undertaking your photographic assignment safely.

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