Mining Photography can provide high-end photographic solutions to complement your existing environmental plan. Our experience has shown that more and more projects are resorting to high-resolution imagery to help report the environment impact of their project to local and state governing bodies.

An example of our involvement in this field of photography is seen at Rio Tinto’s Hope Downs mine (Weeli Wolli Creek Photo Monitoring) documented in the projects gallery.


Esperance Port Sea & Land - Environmental Aerial Image

Supplement your existing scientific data sets (ecological, flora, hydrology) with high-resolution imagery to ‘complete the picture’ when presenting environmental assessments and reports.


Monitor the impact on the local environment via regular time-lapse imagery, be it from a static time-lapse unit mounted in the field, or from scheduled site visits to sensitive environmental zones.



About Mining Photography

Our core staff have been involved in mining and minerals processing for 20+ years and are familiar with the expectations of working in potentially dangerous and sensitive environments when undertaking assignments in the mining & resource sector. We pride ourselves on undertaking your photographic assignment safely.

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