Aerial Image

At Mining Photography we’ve been capturing imagery from the air since 2006. Our aerial photography solutions are tailored toward rotary-winged aircraft (helicopters) and very soon to include remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), or more commonly known as aerial drones.

Our aerial solutions draw upon years of experience and include customised camera rigs, developed to improve safety and quality on the job. We only use high-resolution cameras (20+ Megapixels) and high quality optics, and have the ability to geo reference each image at the time of capture.

We happily take care of all the logistics when providing aerial solutions to our clients, including sourcing the aircraft.




Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) (Aerial Drone)

At Mining Photography, we see the benefits of drone technology and are currently undergoing CASA training and developing systems to allow the provision of this service.  Our service will see our clients benefit via solutions that are:

  • Cost-Effective. No need to hire a full sized aircraft, on-board pilot and separate photographer.
  • Reliable. Drones can withstand strong, winds, high temperatures and even strong electrical fields, and come with a built-in GPS and onboard flight computer to guarantee accuracy in shot location.
  • Watch Live. Real time assessment of assets is now much simpler.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Powered by a small battery, these units are the eco friendly choice for aerial photography.
  • Safe. Eliminate the need for cranes, scaffold or conventional piloted aircraft.
We stay abreast of the benefits of technological advancement.
About Mining Photography

Our core staff have been involved in mining and minerals processing for 20+ years and are familiar with the expectations of working in potentially dangerous and sensitive environments when undertaking assignments in the mining & resource sector. We pride ourselves on undertaking your photographic assignment safely.

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