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Services - Corporate ImageryHaving strong and professional photographs of your team, workplace and projects can give you the visual leverage you need to win future contracts. For an established firm, professional imagery is an essential requirement in your marketing material, be in to educate your workforce on your safety and environmental procedures, or to project your professional company image to your clients and fellow competitors in the marketplace. Mining Photography captures your people and projects looking their best.

We have extensive experience in the mining, industrial and construction environment, and love the opportunity to get in amongst the action to create the high-impact photos essential for your marketing needs. We are intimately familiar with the safety systems employed by mining companies and actively contribute to a clients safe workplace through correctly planning for an assignment.

Our emphasis on planning ensures all our photographers are correctly trained for the site they will be working and suitably equipped with the appropriate/mandatory personal protection equipment (PPE). Our attention to this detail affords a safe and uninterrupted operation of the work area we enter. 

Our services are tailored to our clients need. Follow the links above to find out more of the specific service solutions we offer.


About Mining Photography

Our core staff have been involved in mining and minerals processing for 20+ years and are familiar with the expectations of working in potentially dangerous and sensitive environments when undertaking assignments in the mining & resource sector. We pride ourselves on undertaking your photographic assignment safely.

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