Black Swan Nickel Shed Demolition

The Black Swan Shed was designed and built by Kerman Contracting, a Perth-based company that built all of the large sheds at the Port from 1992 onwards. The shed, located adjacent to berth two with an original storage capacity of 30,000 tonnes, was completed in 1997. It was built to meet the increasing storage requirements at the Esperance Port following the resumption of nickel concentrate exports through Esperance in the early 1990s after a 15-year lapse. The shed was extended and its storage capacity increased to 40,000 tonnes in 2002.

During its 16-year life, many millions of tonnes of nickel concentrate was stored in the Black Swan Shed before being loaded onto vessels on berth two for export. The value of nickel was in the billions of dollars.

Over the years, the hostile internal environment inside the shed caused by the heat of the nickel caused extensive corrosion and this, coupled with the nickel producers turning to containers to export their product, meant that the shed became redundant to the Port’s requirements.

Furthermore, with the significant growth in the container business, and container hard space being at a premium, a decision was made to demolish the shed and for the area to be used for containers to be loaded for shipment. Contractors demolished the shed, completing the task over a two-month period, between late July 2013 and early September 2013. Mining Photography captured the shed demolition via time-lapse photography.


Black Swan Shed Demolition from Mining Photography on Vimeo.


   EPSL_000015  EPSL_003925  EPSL_011399  

                          Pre Demolition                                                 During Demolition                                                   Post Demolition




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