Bare Sand Halo Monitoring

Sea_Halo_CRW_8271_webThe Esperance Ports Sea and Land (EPSL) is required by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to undertake a bare sand halo monitoring program to determine seagrass losses following reclamation and redevelopment of the Port facilities in 2001. The approvals for this redevelopment were granted in October 2000 under a Ministerial Statement. Since the completion of the reclamation works, more than 12 aerial surveys have been conducted the most recent occurring in November 2012.

Mining Photography’s involvement commenced in late 2005, teaming up with Oceanica Environmental Consultants to satisfy the ministerial requirement. Helicopters have been used for this task taking advantage of their agility and quick response time, whilst high resolution DSLR camera’s fitted with GPS location devices allow each image to been captured with embedded geocoding.


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About Mining Photography

Our core staff have been involved in mining and minerals processing for 20+ years and are familiar with the expectations of working in potentially dangerous and sensitive environments when undertaking assignments in the mining & resource sector. We pride ourselves on undertaking your photographic assignment safely.

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